Family Law Resources

Resources for Our Clients

We understand that the legal process can be overwhelming and complicated sometimes, and that’s why we want to make your experience as simple as possible. Below, you’ll be able to find all of the resources that may be applicable to your case.

Phone Numbers

Parenting Classes & Counseling Referrals

If you would like to find out about parenting classes and counseling, please contact this number.

(714) 955-2255(714) 955-2255

Child Abuse Registry

Please call this anonymous hotline to report suspected child abuse.

(714) 938-0505(714) 938-0505

Domestic Violence Hotline

If you’re a woman and a victim of domestic violence, call this number for help.

(714) 992-1931(714) 992-1931

Additional Family Law Resources

Here are some additional ways to gain insight into the divorce process and how it can affect your family.

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Video Library

Watch short videos that breakdown complex and confusing divorce proceedings.

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Familiarize yourself with legal terms and phrases frequently used in family law matters.

Look it Up
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Divorce Procedure

Learn more about the legal procedure with this simple, easy to understand breakdowns.

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GFT lawyers share their experience on this podcast from Divorce Magazine

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Taxes & Divorce

Here’s a comparison of current law and the changes found in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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Divorce Magazine

Excellent resource for detailed articles about the California divorce process.


Custody Outline

Document and address your current custody issues using this outline.


Income & Expenses

Itemize your monthly expenses and income using this worksheet.


Assets & Debts

EUse this resource to itemize your property assets and debts as separate property claims.


Document Checklist

This checklist breaks down the required documents in your possession to bring to our office.



Use this worksheet to support your reimbursement claims for expenses made after the date of separation.


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