Gilligan, Frisco & Trutanich, LLP in the News

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John Gilligan Attends the Judge ProTem Program Recognition Ceremony

GFT lawyer John Gilligan will attend the Judge ProTem Program recognition ceremony and reception in Los Angeles Room 222 on June 6th.

Kristin Trutanich Pursues Advanced Family Law Training and Certification

GFT lawyer Kristin Trutanich takes the 2019 Advanced Family Law Course on May 24, 25, 26 & June 7, 8, and 9.

John Gilligan Serves as Daily Settlement Officer in Long Beach

GFT lawyer John Gilligan served as Daily Settlement Officer in Long Beach in Dept. S14, S15, and S16.

John Gilligan Serves as Temporary Judge

GFT lawyer John Gilligan served as Temporary Judge for Family Law Dept in Room 222 in Los Angeles.

John Gilligan and Wendy Tse Attend Orange County Study Group

John Gilligan and Wendy Tse attended the Orange County Study Group on Thursday, May 16th at Il Fornaio in Irvine. Rob Benavente from SGS&B and Barbara Hopper from the GFT office presented on “Bonvino: Undue Influence…..Who Cares?”

Honoring Our First Responders with Los Angeles Run to Remember

GFT lawyer Kristin Trutanich participated in the Los Angeles Run to Remember on April 30th to pay tribute to the first responders that serve our community.

GFT’S New Criminal Law Department

Gilligan, Frisco & Trutanich is excited to announce the opening of our Criminal Law Department.  Kristin Trutanich, a former top prosecutor for the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office, has successfully defended a number of criminal defendants over the past few months with our office.  Often Family Law cases have a Criminal Law element to them, most...Read More

GFT Quoted in The Los Angeles Daily Journal

Gilligan, Frisco & Trutanich's own John J. Gilligan, CFLS was interviewed and quoted in the Los Angeles Daily Journal profile article of Judge Randall Pacheco of the Los Angeles Superior Court. Mr. Gilligan stated of Judge Pacheco -- “He’s very kid-oriented, not only for the kids before him.  Sometimes he’s thinking of step-siblings. He’s...Read More