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Family law can be very confusing for those who are unfamiliar with it. Watch these helpful and informative videos below to get the answers to all your legal questions, no matter how specific or complex.

John Gilligan discussed Divorce Mediation with DivorceMag.com Roundtable

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John Gilligan discussed High-Asset Divorce with DivorceMag.com Roundtable

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Child Support in High Net Worth Divorce

“How Is Child Support Calculated in High-Net-Worth Divorce?”

Child Support Modification

“Can Child Support Be Modified If the Payor’s Income Changes?”

Child Support Issue

“If a Payor Discovers That the Recipient Is Spending Child Support on Themselves, What Can They Do?”

Physical and Legal Custody in California

” Is There a Difference between Physical and Legal Custody in California?”

Child Custody & Relocation

” What Happens When a Parent Wants to Move out of State with the Children?”

High-Conflict Custody Cases

” In High-Conflict Custody Cases, What Is the Best Way to Reach a Consensus That Works for Everyone?”

Contested & Uncontested Divorce

” Can a Divorce Be Settled Out of Court, or Is There Always a Trial?”

Ways to Settle a California Divorce

” Litigation Aside, Are There Other Ways to Settle a California Divorce?”

Divorce: Negotiation & Litigation

” Can You Negotiate Some Divorce Issues and Litigate Others?”

Divorce: Mediation or Collaboration

“Must Both Parties Be in the Same Room During Mediation or Collaboration?”

High-Conflict Divorce

“Can You Use Mediation or Collaboration to Resolve a High-Conflict Divorce?”

High Net-Worth Divorce

“What’s the Best Dispute-Resolution Process for High Net-Worth Divorce?”