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California Property Division & Complex Property Issues

Complex Property Issues

Generally, complex property issues arise under the following scenarios:

  1. - High Net Worth cases
  2. - Valuation of Business interests or professional practices
  3. - Division of Real Property
  4. - Identifying assets brought into the marriage, or received via inheritance or gift
  5. - Stock Options
  6. - Patents, Copyrights, Royalties
  7. - Retirement Accounts
  8. - Tracing issues regarding sources of funds used to acquire assets when one spouse claims an asset is his or hers alone
  9. - Allegations of hidden assets
  10. - Allegations of unreported income
  11. - Tax considerations regarding the property issues

Division of these assets are more complicated because disputes can arise regarding the almost every aspect of the asset including characterization, value, the apportionment between community and separate property interests, as well as the valuation date. 

Having an attorney that has particular knowledge and experience dividing complex marital property during the dissolution of marriage is critical to successfully protect one’s present and future financial interests.  With family law attorneys that include a founding partner with over 35 years of experience dealing with complex property and business dispute cases combined with the use of outside experts in the field to aid in the process of business valuation, our firm is adept at handling all the financial aspects of a divorce.