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Other Factors Considered in Making Child Custody Orders

In addition to the best interest of the children, when making child custody orders, the court will attempt to come to an agreement that closely follows the children’s living situation prior to divorce or separation.  The court’s reasoning in making this determination is to lessen any hardship or inconvenience to the children that may follow.

 Further, courts recognize that parents often become more invested and committed to involvement in their children’s lives during this period and judges routinely look upon a parent’s increased participation favorably; especially in cases where one parent has customarily been less engaged in the children’s lives.  Many times, the court will then determine a child custody agreement that orders more time and involvement for a parent that has recently shown more dedication than what was common in the pre-divorce or pre-separation routine.

Child Custody Agreements are Unaffected by the Parent that Files First

While there may be some advantage strategically to filing for divorce first, the filing order has no bearing on the court’s decision-making process when reaching a conclusion regarding custody.