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About Juvenile Offenses

If a juvenile you care about is facing criminal charges, GFT can help. A juvenile is defined by the law as a minor, anyone under the age of 18, or anyone who isn’t old enough to be held responsible for their actions. Juveniles are commonly charged with drug possession and DUI. Our experienced juvenile lawyers will work with you and your family to advocate in court make sure you are represented to the fullest letter of the law. We handle all cases with compassion, integrity, courtesy, diligence and strong advocacy to place our clients in the best position to resolve their cases.

Juvenile Lawyers Who Operate With Care

As a parent, we understand that your number one concern for your child is their safety and happiness. However, there are situations in which those can be compromised, like when they commit a crime. Juvenile offenses include truancy, violations of curfew, drug and alcohol possession, and more. At Gilligan, Frisco & Trutanich, LLP, we believe that all children are able to grow, learn, and change from the mistakes they’ve made and thus deserve the opportunity to right their wrongs in order to have a successful future. Our highly-skilled team of criminal lawyers will work tirelessly for your family to get any charges dismissed using any and all necessary resources. They are professionally qualified counselors of minors, and have been licensed as such by state and local bar associations. Our team has over 100 collective years of experience and we possess the legal knowledge that will help your family navigate its legal issues effectively. GFT’s experienced lawyers will stand by your side and communicate every step of the process, so you feel confident in trusting us to achieve the best possible outcome for your family. If your loved one is facing a criminal charge, contact GFT to work on their case.

What to Expect From A Juvenile Case

If your child has been arrested, please call us today so that we may get started working on their case. The earlier we become familiar with it, the better off your family will be. We will immediately file a petition asking the court to get involved. There are two types of petitions: 601 and 602. A 601 petition is filed by the probation department. It covers crimes like running away, skipping school, breaking curfew, etc. A 602 petition is filed by the District Attorney’s Office and states that, if the child were over 18, they would have committed a felony or misdemeanor. After the petitions are filed, there will be several hearings regarding the case and then a judge will rule on the outcome of it.

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